Entrepreneurship Coaching

Incubated startups are enrolled in a 3-month long intensive coaching program on entrepreneurship skills. During the program founders work on exercises like design thinking, model canvasing, market fit etc. The sessions will be taken by leading entrepreneurs and experienced professionals.

Personalised Mentoring

All ideas will be aligned to the respective mentor board which will help the founders in refining the propositions and models.

Seed Support

Eligible startups to be considered for financial support to transform their ideas into a working proof of concept or a prototype.

Investors Connect

The team works with founders to design their investment pitch. Eligible startups are nominated for pitch sessions with leading investors.


Startups are connected to peer founders, communities, ecosystem enablers, investors, mentors. Eligible startups are nominated for relevant startup conferences.


Consistent workshops are organized for the founders to keep them attuned with the developments in all industry verticals. The workshops also help the founders in upskill themselves.

Selection Criteria

The incubator looks for innovations that solve the problems of Bharat in an Indian way. The innovations which are focused on social & local problems and serve the underserved category of Indians.


The incubator looks for sustainable & scaleable ideas that have the potential to impact the underserved classes of society. The ideas should have the potential to transform the daily lives of people with low-income levels.


The incubator looks at the core team of the founders and their purpose behind pursuing the idea. We look at individuals with a core commitment to make lives better for the low-income groups and similar.

Intellectual Property

The incubator looks for the ideas with potentiality of securing intellectual properties. Serious consideration is given to product or process innovation during the selection process.

Focus Areas

The incubator looks for ideas with alignment to incubator’s focus areas which are Agriculture, Healthcare, Education, Inclusion & Environment.


The incubator looks for ideas with the potential of substantial employment generation.


Incubated startups also have access to AIC GUSEC Mentor Board, a board of external subject experts from a wide array of industry verticals and specialisations, for mentorship and guidance. GUSEC is under the process of forging relations with investors and other funding agencies to provide tangible funding support to incubated startups.

Infrastructure & Facilities

Working Space

An air-conditioned co-working space spread across over 10,000 square feet area with well-lit ambiance and ample of space for meetings and collaborations. The space is open everyday, including weekends, and features different type of seatings.

High-Speed Internet

AIC GUSEC startups avail unlimited, unrestricted super-fast internet. A 1-Gbps leased-line over the National Knowledge Network (NKN) ensures entrepreneurs and innovators at GUSEC are always connected to the world through super fast WiFi and LAN connectivity.

Specialised Laboratories

Startups have full access to over 40 laboratories and related equipment across a spectrum of specialisations and all departments of the university – from computer science to physics to climate change to forensic science.

Auditoriums, Conference Halls and Classrooms

Startups can avail access to all auditoriums, conference halls & classrooms in the university campus for meetings, events and get-togethers, at low- or no-cost. Over 10 auditoriums and conference halls of different sizes, and over 100 classrooms, are available on request to all incubated startups.