Startups at AIC GUSEC


Founder/s: Shivam Soni

A cementless concrete made from natural resources as a replacement of cement concrete. This will help the construction of green buildings easier.


Founder/s: Kinjal Bhadresha

Innovative, Biodegradable, cost-effective and highly antimicrobial Sanitary Napkin

Ediths Robotics
Ediths Robotics

Founder/s: Shubham Shah

Edith Robotics has innovated isolation pods for COVID-19 patients which helps hospitalised and home quarantine patients. The pods have various features including measures of important vitals, HIPAA filters etc


Founder/s: Nidhi Jha

Biodegradable pot which has Biofertilizer technology and water retention capacity. The pot is completely made up of Agro Waste, 100% biodegradable, non-phytotoxic.


Founder/s: Dr. Ankita Bansal, Dr Shraddha Diwan

A platform for families with children with various locomotor disabilities (Like Cerebral Palsy) to connect with various service providers and to connect with other families. It is conceptualised by practising doctors in the field of Pediatric Rehabilitation.

Malhari Project
Malhari Project

Founder/s: Mihir Dixit

A solid waste management machine that can convert any type of solid waste into nontoxic air and negligible ash with high volumetric reductions.

Novark Research & Development

Founder/s: Hardik Patel, Maulik Patel

Team has developed a new topical joint pain formula that can give relief from joint pain within 2-5 minutes without any side effects.

"ECO" System
``ECO`` System

Founder/s: Anusha Vyas

A biodegradable PPE from biopolymers that has the ability to undergo decomposition in a short period of time without any harmful effect on the environment, so it will also act as an Eco-friendly PPE. It is eco-friendly and made from potentially inexpensive raw materials.

I Robotics
I Robotics

Founder/s: Vaibhav Vaja

Made in India low-cost surgical robot that can perform accurate and efficient surgery


Founder/s: Mitesh Jain

Nano Spin is focusing on developing machines to create affordable nano spinning units in rural areas.

Krishna Innovation And Research

Founder/s: Dr. Sanjiv Haribhakti, Dr. Neebha Haribhakt

Developing a devices and methods from the natural orifice transoral route to perform surgeries for GERD and obesity


Founder/s: Aarat Pandya

GuruSq. is proposing to empower the entire teaching community to nurture, empower and train each other through peer review and peer-learning

Growing Pod

Founder/s: Mit Upadhya

Cultivating better quality agricultural produce by using new technologies and constant optimization. Helping environment and supporting green building concept on the way.


Founder/s: Dhruvi Swami

Design and making a product out of Translucent concrete mainly allows light to transmit in any pattern from a solid concrete structure with no pores inside it.

Bhardwaj Aeronautics
Bhardwaj Aeronautics

Founder/s: Shivang Patni

A hybrid product of blimp and a drone- increased its performance criteria, stability and self-sustained regarding power usage with no climate harming emissions

Being Me

Founder/s: Vibha Tank

Being Me aims to work for the cause of Neuro-developmental disabilities of people in India and help them live a life of independence, acceptance and dignity.


Founder/s: Rumani Sheth, Adarsh Krishnan

Work with small scale and marginal farmers in last-mile locations to generate better income by transitioning them from high volume low price crops to low volume high price commodities, thus mitigating shelf life, transportation crises, and post-harvest losses.