A Capacity Development Programme for Atal Tinkering Labs in Gujarat

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About the Program:

Atal Incubation Mission (AIM) is pleased to inform you that AIC GUSEC (Gujarat University) and UNICEF in association with YuWaah are launching ‘Unboxing Tinkering‘, A Capacity Development Programme for the Atal Tinkering Labs in Gujarat.

‘ATL Unbox Tinkering’ is one of a kind workshop for teachers from ATL schools across the country. The objective is to provide an insight into the ATLs – the importance, philosophy, efforts behind the whole program, along with providing real-time access to tech experts and mentors who would take the audiences through a series of learning and doing sessions. The key objective of the capacity development program is to train and nurture Students and the ATL In-Charge / Teachers from ATLs in Gujarat with formal training, mentorship and by identifying the underlying gaps in the operations and troubleshooting them with various efforts by Industry experts and mentors across the state of Gujarat.

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